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The corporate performance management conundrum: A finance manager's view


Do you need to improve your company's planning, forecasting and budgeting processes?

For finance managers who are faced with growing pressure to keep costs under control and make budgets stretch further, it is essential to have access to tools that can provide pertinent and timely insight about progress against targets - throughout the year. This will maximise their ability to adapt spending accordingly, so that there is not a shock at a period end when figures do not tally or budgets have been exceeded.

Corporate performance management software is designed to transform budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting, by helping finance managers and other business decision makers to monitor business performance against agreed performance indicators (KPIs). It takes away the guesswork associated with manual processes and reliance on ‘dumb' spreadsheets, by automatically extracting relevant data and running comparisons between forecast and actual performance.

Download this whitepaper to find out how your business can reap the benefits of  CPM tools and improve financial performance.


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