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Cloud accounting evaluation guide 2014


Accounting software has been around for decades. Functional areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed asset accounting and general ledger accounting have been using automated financial accounting software to greatly improve the productivity of their functions and to better protect and manage key assets of an organisation.

These solutions have continued to improve in capability over the years and are now some of the most mature and technically sophisticated applications that an organisation may utilise. Users of these solutions expect these products to not only provide the basics of financial accounting

Today, the newest financial accounting solutions are powered by cloud technology and the myriad of complementary technologies that are enabled and enhanced by cloud computing platforms. These new solutions have significant functionality to support mobile computing devices such as cell phones and tablet computers. Collaboration software is another exciting dimension being incorporated into new financial accounting solutions.

This Cloud evaluation guide studies the changing landscape for financial accounting software and the key implications.

Topics covered:
• When to replace your accounting system.
• Getting organised.
• Macro selection considerations.
• Selection process today.
• Decision making criteria.



Tags: Software Selection, Accounting Software, Financial Accounting System, Cloud.

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