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Business without barriers: enterprise resource planning


Business without barriers – that’s the promise of Epicor next-generation enterprise applications. Eliminate the technology, integration and accessibility barriers that stifle productivity. In their place is a newfound level of collaboration, visibility and results.

Featuring Epicor True SOA™ and robust functionality for businesses, globally and across industries, Epicor is redefining enterprise application software. Epicor raises technology to a level that delivers unprecedented business management and control, supporting continuous performance through real-time, in-context business insight.

At the core of Epicor is an adaptable and collaborative business architecture that satisfies your organisation’s needs, regardless of country, industry or device. Experience a new kind of enterprise resource planning. With Epicor, discover business without barriers.

This paper covers the following topics in particular:

• Customer relationship management
• Sales management
• Human capital management
• Project management
• Product data management
• Service management
• Planning and scheduling
• Production management
• Supply chain management
• Financial management
• Enterprise performance management
• Governance, risk and compliance
• Global business management

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