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Alternative Solutions for Sole Practitioners


This paper discusses alternative solutions for sole practitioners, including;

- Mergers & Acquisition of Accountancy Practices. The simplest version of all!
- Partial Sale of the Practice. The route of selling the vast majority of someone’s practice
- Carry On as You Are. The dining room table can after all have more than one use.
- Goldsmiths Secure Plan – Safety for that which you already Own

For many practitioners there is some concern as to what would happen in the event of death or permanent incapacity. A Goldsmith company has a positive solution for you.

- Practice Support – Other Accountancy Practices
- Sole Practitioner Integration Programme

Whether you are a young practitioner wishing to expand, or an older practitioner wishing to retire, the Goldsmith group will always start with a discussion as to the current situation and advise you as best as possible on the way forward for your practice.

- Corporate Finance
- Money for your Professional and Commercial Clients
- House Mortgages

To get a full flavour of the solutions and options available, please download this briefing.

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