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2011 IT security best practices assessment


Results of the research are best expressed in words of Echelon One founder and CEO Bob West: “The assessment findings were startling. We suspected we would find that many organisations were challenged, but we had no idea that failure rates would run this high.”

The findings raised the question of why organisations are failing to adhere to best practices and standards in such monumental proportions, especially in today’s cyber environment, where attacks and compromises are frequent and effective?

Please download a copy of the full report now for a more in-depth look at the following topics, issues and their solutions:

• Methodology

• Respondent organisation demographics

• Respondent demographics

• Top 5 best practices, failure rates and recommendations

• Best practices 6 – 12 and rankings

• Unknown risk

• Assess your organisation

• How Venafi can help

Tags: Electronic Document Management, Risk, Compliance, De-Risking, IT security.

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